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Varsovan Lähi-itä -huippukokous uuden aikakauden alku

  “Tonight I believe we are beginning a new era with Prime Minister Netanyahu from the State of Israel, with leaders from Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the UAE all breaking bread … Lue loppuun

17/02/2019 · 1 kommentti

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OmakuvaidfroundAri Rusila is a blogger and former development project management expert from Finland with a special interest in the Balkan region. His other interests include geopolitics, conflicts and The Great Middle East.

Ariel webpage [ ISSN 2342-8449 ] gives in Finnish language background information about Israeli politics, defence and society excluding religious themes.

Author's main blog is Conflicts By Ari Rusila [aka ex-BalkanBlog] - ISSN 2342-6675 - covers issues of conflicts and regionally the Balkans (esp. Serbia), the Black Sea region and MENA (the greater Middle East and North Africa and esp. Israel) regions as well EurAsia.

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