Israelin politiikka, puolustus ja yhteiskunta – faktoja, taustoja ja analyyseja suomeksi. ISSN 2342-8449

Dokumentteja & Resursseja

 The greater Middle East

The Eurasian Corridor
Treaty proposal Transnistria/Moldova

Explore websites about Transnistria!
European Commission: Turkey 2010 Progress Report
Turkey, Its Neighbors and the West (Transatlantic Academy)
An Israeli Strike on Iran/CPA Contingency Planning Memorandum No. 5
Strategic report Imagining the Border Options for Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian Territorial Issue The Washington Institute for Near East Policy/David Makovsky

UN report Use of Chemical Weapons in the Syrian Arab Republic

Israeli’s Critical Security Needs for a viable Peace -report
Israeli’s Critical Security Needs for a viable Peace -video
Israel YouTube playlist: 137 videos
Foundations of the international legal rights of the Jewish people and the state of Israel

Israeli maps

Institute for Policy and Strategy (Herzliya Conference)

Moshe Dayan Centre for Middle Eastern and African Studies

Reut Institute

Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies (BESA)

The Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs



The Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center
Israeli/Palestianian Peace plans
Beilin–Abu Mazen Understandings

Imagining the Border Options for Resolving the Israeli-Palestinian Territorial Issue

Herzliya Papers
The Clinton Parameters
Olmert’s offer to the Palestinians: Summary , Territory , Jerusalem

The Making of Foreign Policy: On Paradigms and Grand Strategies By Michal Eskenazi

The Geopolitics of Israel: Biblical and Modern  e-book by Stratfor

Two States for Two Peoples  e-book By Fathom/BICOM

 Added Value: Israel’s Strategic Worth to the European Union and its Member States

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Israelin ajatuspajoja


The United Nations Information System on the Question of Palestine (UNISPAL) contains over 20,000 searchable UN and other documents.


homeHeaderTitleImage_en_USNordisk judaistik/Scandinavian Jewish Studies aims at promoting Jewish studies in Scandinavia by publishing scholarly articles, surveys and documents, by reviewing recent literature, and compiling bibliographies. The contributions are published in one of the Scandinavian languages, or in English, German or French, with an abstract in English. The journal is strictly academic and does not pursue any special religious, political or cultural policy. The journal is currently being revived and will be re-introduced as an open access journal in this portal during 2016. From this year on, the aim is to publish two issues a year again, and also to make previous volumes of the journal available in fulltext via this website.


Take A Pen

Honest-reportingHonest Reporting

Jewish-Virtual-Library-Logo1Jewish Virtual Library


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OmakuvaidfroundAri Rusila is a blogger and former development project management expert from Finland with a special interest in the Balkan region. His other interests include geopolitics, conflicts and The Great Middle East.

Ariel webpage [ ISSN 2342-8449 ] gives in Finnish language background information about Israeli politics, defence and society excluding religious themes.

Author's main blog is Conflicts By Ari Rusila [aka ex-BalkanBlog] - ISSN 2342-6675 - covers issues of conflicts and regionally the Balkans (esp. Serbia), the Black Sea region and MENA (the greater Middle East and North Africa and esp. Israel) regions as well EurAsia.

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